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Olwethu de Vos

‘Sta-Soft’ presented by Palesa Suthane & Tlotlo Lobelo (Johannesburg) 

This body of work depicts the human figure in its purest form, without the pre-imposed societal ideologies. Observing how we differentiate ourselves from each other and the source of it.

Sta-Soft is both a reminder and a call to action, to outgrow the moral conditioning we have grown up with. The values and ideologies imposed on you as a child stay with you throughout your adult life, and very few individuals come to the realization that they can change or completely remove these.

If a child is raised in a racist family and grows up to discover that other ethnicities are in no way a lesser race, as humans we are all equally important and justifying our existence by the ideologies of segregation and race imposed on us as we grow up, is unjust, as our physical makeup is very much the same.

Sta-Soft is a popular household brand of fabric softener or textile conditioner. With this body of work, Olwethu aims to remind the viewers of their mental conditioning and how they have remained sheltered in their own pre-imposed societal ideologies.

To Sta-Soft is a decision, to see all people as equally important as you and do not conform to a hardened human experience. As time, humans and technology are constantly evolving, so should our way of thinking.




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